We have come to make our mark

If you’ve come this far, it’s because right now you’re asking yourself, what is Smart On? Smart On is a smart alternative.

A solution to a problem that continues to grow as more and more new devices are produced and old ones are not properly recycled.

Second hand ≠ refurbished

You change your mobile phone and doubts arise. New, very expensive. Second-hand, I don't trust it. The best option: refurbished. Why? Easy. The equipment undergoes strict quality controls and tuning so that it works optimally and we also offer up to 2 years of warranty.

Let's get down to business. All the equipment you will find on this website is refurbished. Don't panic, we'll explain it to you. Refurbished means that it has had a previous useful life. We have simply RESCUED, REVISED and REPAIRED so that users like you can enjoy them again.

Our mission is to extend the life cycle of these products.

Do you know how much a smartphone pollutes?