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If you have purchased a device with a 1+1 year warranty, register and get your extra year free.

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*The warranty extension must be requested within the first three months from the date of purchase of the terminal. Any request for an extension of the guarantee outside this period will be rejected and will not be registered.

The extension will entail the extension of coverage to the second year under the specified conditions. In no case will it imply the application of the third year of warranty, regardless of whether you have purchased on our website, in any other marketplace or channel that already offers a two-year warranty, as well as any other warranty extension promotion that may be carried out.


So that you can enjoy the quality and reliability of our products, we offer you up to 2 years of warranty offered exclusively by SMART ON S.L.

When is the guarantee activated?

The warranty period starts from the moment you purchase your Smart On product. To process the warranty we need you to send us your purchase receipt, so we offer you the option of activating your warranty through our section Activate your warranty to make it easier for you to manage any type of incident, without having to worry about the possibility of losing your purchase receipt and the associated warranty.

Where can I get more information about the guarantee?

For more information regarding the warranty, you can contact us in the Customer Service section and one of our agents will be happy to assist you.

In which case would the guarantee not be valid?

The warranty will be void if the device is damaged by misuse. This includes, but is not limited to:

•               Physical damage and/or misuse, liquid damage, repairs and/or modifications to the product carried out by unauthorised third parties. During the reconditioning process, the devices are opened so that the tests can be carried out, which is why the waterproofing of the reconditioned products sold by Smart On is not guaranteed, losing the IPXX classification for those terminals that could include it at the time of manufacture.

•               Modifying the exterior of the device by pasting “decorative” images on the device may void the warranty if it affects the interior mechanics of the device or permanently damages the casing or screen.

•               Downloading of illegal software, alteration of the IMEI number on the device, if it has been erased, removed or rendered unreadable, or if the internal data of the device does not match the proof of purchase.

•               Failure to properly follow the installation process and instructions for use, and the use of products or accessories that are not compatible with the device – such as generic accessories and/or other contaminated auxiliary devices.

•               Devices that are reported or suspected of being stolen will not be accepted.

•             Excluded from the guarantee are terminals that have been damaged in transport due to deficiencies in the packaging on the part of the customer, as well as damage caused by transport contracted directly by the customer himself.


If I need a warranty repair, where can I go?

You can contact our Smart On customer service at sat@thesmarton.com and one of our agents will be happy to assist you with your issue and confirm if your device is still covered by the Smart On warranty, as per the purchase receipt, and if the necessary repair would be covered. If so, your Smart On product will be collected from the address provided within 24/72 working hours.

The repair/treatment of your product will be carried out within 7 working days of receipt of the terminal at Smart On’s facilities. Once the incident has been processed, the product will be shipped/credited/replaced, with the corresponding deadlines depending on the case.

What do I need to submit with my phone to qualify for the warranty and any necessary repairs associated with it?

The proof of warranty is the original invoice or receipt of purchase of the Smart On product, so we advise you to keep it always at hand and in a safe place or activate your warranty once you have received the product. To activate your warranty visit our Activate your warranty section.

What should I do before handing in my device for a warranty repair?

In order to be able to collect the terminal, it must be sent back in the same way it was received (in the original box with all its accessories, aesthetics…). In addition, it is very important that you unlink the “Find My iPhone” and “iCloud” accounts, which are currently active, as well as the unlock codes so that the technical service can check the device.

To deactivate the accounts, follow the simple steps below:

1) ‘Settings’.

2)Click on your name and click on ‘Search’.

3) Tap on ‘Find my iPhone’. Uncheck this option (you must enter the password you set yourself when you first purchased the phone).

4) Find the ‘iCloud’ -> ‘iCloud Drive’ option and click on ‘Disable’.

5) To log out completely, click on your name again and click on ‘Log out’ (the Keychain and Safari applications must be deactivated).

If you are unable to access the terminal to deactivate the accounts, you can do so remotely via www.icloud.com/.

Due to Data Protection policy, your phone will be restored to factory settings upon receipt at our SAT, so we recommend that you make a backup copy.

In the event that the phone is broken, manipulated by unauthorised third parties or damaged due to misuse, the terminal loses its warranty and a repair estimate will be automatically generated. If this estimate is rejected by the customer, he/she will have to pay the amount of 15€ VAT INCLUDED for the shipping and handling costs of the technical service. The customer must send proof of payment and, once verified by the financial department, the terminal will be sent back to its facilities without repair.